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After many years of being a full-time photojournalist for major newspapers and magazines around the country, I began to notice a change in wedding photography. Couples were actually wanting documentary photography done in a beautiful and artistic way. Asking for moments that were timeless, classic and real.

Having spent the first 12 years of my photo career in newspapers then the next 8 working for magazines and corporations, I had a burning desire to return to meaningful story-telling and found weddings to be the perfect solution. 

While I continue to shoot for these same magazines and corporations ( I began adding a select number of weddings for couples who seek the type of photography that will hold value for generations.

It's important to note that great pictures don't come in a box labeled "photoshop." Software is a great tool but no computer wizardry will make up for the inability to see and capture great moments. Pricing begins at $4000.00 plus applicable tax, some custom packages available. Please call for further information. Email: